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This page provides a list of various interesting links to WWW servers involved primarily in space- and (micro-) gravity (life) sciences and astrobiology. All links are opened in new browser windows. Please inform us when address have changed or when you have suggestions for other interesting sites.


Space Research Related Organizations within the Netherlands

Dutch Experiment Support Center

Space Research Organisation Netherlands (SRON)

National Agency for Aerospace Programs (NIVR)

National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR)

Technical University Delft (Aerospace Faculty)

Academic Medical Center (AMC)

Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA)

Aeromedisch Instituut (Soesterberg)

TNO (Human Factor Res.)

Other Dutch Links

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart (NVR)

Artis Planetarium Lezingen

Muurkrant / Ruimtevaart (Mir-nieuws)


Noordwijk Space Expo (NSE)

Stichting 'De Koepel'

Ruimtevaartdispuut TU-Delft (Leonardo da Vinci)

VPRO Noorderlicht : Wetenschap vandaag op TV en Radio

van der List pages

Dutch Space Related Companies

NISO (Netherlands Industrial Space Organisation)


Bradford Engineering

CCM (mail address)

Dutch Space (former Fokker Space)

Mecon BV


TNO Space

Space & Gravitational Life Sciences

American Society for Gravitational & Space Biology (ASGSB)

European Low Gravity Association (ELGRA)

International Society for Gravitational Physiology (ISGP)

Space Biology Site

Human Physiology in Space (very useful site)

ESA Manned Spaceflight (ESA-ESTEC)

Directorate Manned Spaceflight & Microgravity (ESA-ESTEC)

Life & Microgravity (NASA OLMSA)

Web of Life (NASA-KSC)

Plant Gravitropism Database (NASA)

Gravitational Biology & Ecology Program (NASA ARC)

Controlled Ecological Life Support System NASA-NSCORT

Space and Life Sciences Directorate (NASA-JSC)

The Astrobiology Web Space Medicine (Reston Inc.)

Advanced Life Support Program (NASA JSC)

Ames Life Sciences Division (NASA ARC)

NASA ISS Biological Research Project

Critical Path Roadmap

Fundamental Biology (NASA)

USRA Division of Space Life Sciences (DSLS)

Office of Biological and Physical Research (NASA-OBPR)

Announcement of Opportunity (AO) (micro-) gravity research

How to write a good proposal ? See ASGSB site paper by K. Willison

Unsolicited proposal for Dutch experiments (SRON-NWO)

ESA AO's (new web site)

ESA Planetary Exploration

Life sciences research announcement Space Station (ESA, old site)

AO physical sci., biotechnology & applications (ESA, old site)

AO microgravity combustion science (NASA)

AO microgravity via INTAS

Europ. Science Foundation (ESF)

NATO Science Program

• Journals / Books / Refs. on Space & Gravitational Life Sciences

Advances in Space Research (in Science Direct) or General Publisher site

J. Gravitational Physiology

Aviation, Space, and environmental Medicine (ASEM Journal)

ASGSB Newsletter (American Society for Gravitational & Space Biology)

ACTA Astronautica

Biological & Medical Research in Space : Life Sci. Res. in Micrograv.

Life into Space (Space Life Sciences experiments, 1965-1998, NASA-ARC)
Human Physiology in Space

The Planta Journal Special issue on gravitational biology

Planta Journal

Woods Hole workshop "The Cytoskeleton : Mechanical, Physical & Biological Interactions" 1998

Workshop Developmental Biology in Space (ISLSWG 1999)

Microgravity Science & Technology

Life Sciences Exp. Performed on Sounding Rockets (1985-1994)(ESA SP1206)

International Space Station Research Opportunities (SP1210)

ESA Publications (general)

Space Connection (DWTC Belgium)

Committees / Reports

Europ. Sci. Foundation (ESF) Europ. Space Sci. Committee (ESSC)

Strategy for Res. in Space Biology & Medicine in New Century (NAS/SSB)

Committee on Space Biology and Medicine (SSB CSBM)

Developmental Biology Research in Space (ISLSWG)

Size Limits of Very Small Microorganisms Proceedings of a Workshop (NAS/SSB)

Committee on Human Exploration (SSB CHE)

Committee on Microgravity Research (SSB CMR)

Committee on Advanced Technology for Human Support in Space (NAS)

ESA Ministerial Conference Brussels may 1999 (former ESA staff)

ESA general publication (ESA)

Microgravity News (ESA)

Microgravity News (NASA)

ISLSWG Workshop 1999


European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA)

American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology (ASGSB)

International Society for Gravitational Physiology (ISGP)

Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA)

International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine (?)

Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI)

Aerospace Medical Association

Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments

Austrian Society for Aerospace Medicine

Japanese Soc. Biol. Sci. in Space

Conferences & Meetings

Data Meeting (web links) Location
15 and 16 May 2001 NL Gravity & Astrobiology Symposium Amsterdam, NL
May 25-30, 2003

Microgravity Transport Processes (EFC meetings)

2-7 June 2002 8th tri-annual European Life Sciences Symp. / 23rd Annual Internat. Soc. Gravitat. Physiol. (ISGP) Stockholm, Sweden
10-19 October 2002

World Space Congress by COSPAR, IAF and AIAA

Houston, USA
25-28 Sept. 2001

ELGRA bi-annual meeting

Banyuls-sur-Mere, France
7-11 November 2001

ASGSB Annual Meeting

Washington, USA
26-28 October 2001 ESA Teach Space Meeting Noordwijk, Netherlands
5-7 June 2001


Berlin, Germany
July 1-6, 2001 Gorden Conference on Gravitational Effects on Living Systems New London, USA
8-13 July, 2001

Gorden Conference on Gravitational Effects on Physico-Chemical Systems

New London, USA
22-24 May 2001

2001 Sixth International Microgravity Combustion Workshop

Cleveland, USA
1-5 October 2001 52nd International Astronautical Congress (IAF) Toulouse, France
April 2001

International Society for Gravitational Physiology

Budapest, Hungary
20 May 2000

13th IAA "Humans in Space Symp.

10-15 Sept. 2000

Micro-g Res. & Applic. in Phys. Sci & Biotechnol.

Sorrento, Italy
5-7 June 2001

Internat. Space Station Forum 2000

Berlin, Germany
27-28 September 1999

The 4th International Head-Out Water Immersion Symp.

Graz, Austria
29 May - 2 June 1999

'Life Odyssey': European Life Sciences meeting Maastricht

Maastricht, the Netherlands

Microgravity Related Sciences Meetings (former listed by NASA LERC)


Conferences organised by ESA (ESA)


• Data Bases

ESA Experiment Data Base

Dutch Microgravity Database (NL-NLR)

Life Sciences Data Archive (NASA JSC)

International Distributed Experiment Archives (Microgravity IDEA)

Hypergravity Database

Life into Space (Space Life Sciences experiments, 1965-1998, NASA-ARC)

LOCATORplus (Nat. Lib. Med. US)

ESA Photographic Archive (ESA Publ.)

ESA Multimedia Gallery

Selected Current Aerospace Notices on Life Sciences (NASA STI)

Woodson Research Center (Rice Univ., NASA JSC)

Spacelink (NASA)

Spaceline (NASA & National Library of Medicine)

Space History (NASA)

Photographic Archive (ESA)

NASA Multimedia Gallery (NASA)

Experiments onboard the MIR Space Station

Welcome to the Planets (NASA JPL)

Just for Kids game (NASA-JSC)

On Line Space Notes (NASDA)

National Air and Space Museum (US gov.)

NASA Facts Book (NASA JSC)

NASA Astronauts (NASA JSC)

NASA Image database

Cosmonaut Biography (NASA-JSC)

Education & Outreach

NASA Spacelink

ESA Outreach

ESA Student and Postdoc Fellowships & YGT, etc

ESA Teach Space 2001

International Space University (ISU)

Education Home page (NASA)

Univ. Space Res. Assoc. (USRA)

Space Biology Site

Human Physiology in Space (very useful site)

Neuroscience for Kids (Univ. Washington)

Space Life Sciences Outreach (NASA)

American Society for Gravitational & Space Biology (ASGSB)

Space Educators Handbook (NASA)

Students Exploration & Developm. of Space (Non Life Sciences)

Web of Life (NASA ARC)

ESA: Young Graduate Trainees (ESTEC-TOS)

Life and Microgravity Science (Uni. Maryland USA)

ESA Virtual Campus

NASA Student Involvement Program


Just for Students (NASA-Ames)

The Clinostat

The ClinoPage (Dutch site)

Proj. Ruimtevaart (H. Walrecht)

Astrobiology / Exobiology

European Astrobiology Net
European Exo/Astrobiology Network Association
Virtual Exo / Astrobiology Institute
The Astrobiology Society of Britain
DLR Astrobiology site

Astrobiology (NASA-Ames)

Astrobiology Web (

European Astrobiology Network

"Het Levend Heelal": College Leiden Univ)

Centro de Astrobiologia

Astrophics Lab Univ. Leiden

Astrobiology (NAI-Ames)

Swedish Astrobiology Network

ESA Mars Express

Structure & Evolution of the Universe (NASA-GSFC)


Bioastronomy: NET Advances of Physics

Origin of Life tutorial by Dr Darkmatter


The Mars Society (in Dutch) or International

Bioastronomy - the Planetary Society

Orinin of Life (NSCORT - New York)

Exobiology (NSCORT at UCSD)

Center for Astrobiology (Univ. Colorado)

Size Limits of Very Small Microorganisms Proceedings of a Workshop

Origins of Life (NASA-JPL)


ESA press release

ESA Microgravity News

NASA Press releases

The NASA Television page (LeRC)

Space News (weekly)


Florida Today Space Online (FL Newspaper)

The Houston Chronicle

Kennedy Space Center News Releases (BASA KSC)

Jonathan's Space Report (Harvard)

Space Life Sciences Newsletter (NASA ARC 1996)

Microgravity News


Aerospace China

CNN Science @ Technology : Space

Pagina van Marco vd List

ESA internet TV broadcast

NASA KSC Webcams

ISS / Shuttle / Mir

ISS Erasmus User Center (ESA-ESTEC)

International Space Station (site from JSC)

International Space Station JEM Kibo module (NASDA site)

International Space Station (site from PBS)

ISS assembly (NASA site)

ISS tracking (location NL-Amsterdam)

The Space Station

Current STS Shuttle Missions (general NASA site)

Launch schedule (Florida Today)

Shuttle Launch Countdown Page (site from KSC)

Shuttle Launch Schedule (KSC)

Exploiting the International Space Station (ESA BR-141)

National / Regional Space Agencies

AR: Argentina's National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE)

AT: Austrian Space Research Agency

AU: Australian Space Home Page

BE: Space Remote Operation Center (SROC)

BE: Belgian Off. Scient. Technol. & Cultural Affairs (OSTC)

BR: National Institute for Space Research (INPE)

CA: Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

CN: Institute Astronautics Inform. of China Aerospace Corporation

CZ: Czech Space Office

DE: DLR Mission Operations Directorate

DE: German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR)

DE: Microgravity User Supp. Cntr. (MUSC)

DK: Danish Space Research Institute

DK: DAMEC Research A/S

ESA: European Space Agency (Headquarters)

ESA - EAC (Astronaut Center)

ESA - ESOC (Operations Center)

ESA - ESRIN (Data Center)

ESA - ESTEC (Technology Center)

ES: Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA)

EU: European Commision Space Policy

FR: Centre Nationale d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES)

FR: Centre d'Ecatudes et de Recherches de Toulouse (CERT)

HU: Hungarian Space Office (in Hungarian)

IN: Indian Space Res. Org.

IT: Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI)

JP: Japanese Space Agency (NASDA)

JP: The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS)

JP: Space Utilization and Research Center (SURC)

NL: Space Research Organization - Netherlands (SRON)

NL: National Agency for Aeropsace Programs (NIVR)

NL: Dutch Experiment Suppoer Center (DESC)

NO: Norwegian Space Center (NSC)

RU: Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP)

RU: Russian Space Agency (RKA)

RU: Russian Space Science Internet

SE: Swedish National Space Board

TW: National Space Program Office

Space Life and Physical Science Research in the UK

UK: British National Space Center

UN: United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

US: NASA Headquarters (HQ)

US: Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

US: Ames Research Center (ARC general)

US: Dryden Flight Research Center (DSFC)

US: Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

US: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

US: Johnson Space Center (JSC)

US: Langley Research Center (LARC)

US: Glenn Research Center (GRC)

US: Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

Other Interesting Sites

Directorate of Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity of ESA

ESA Bulletin

Microgravity a Tool for Industrial Research (ESA BR-136)

Former ESA staff web site

Planet Mars Home Page

Experiments onboard the MIR Space Station

Think Mars Homepage

Mars Exploration Program (NASA JPL)

Center for Advanced Space Studies (NASA JSC/USRA)

Russian Space Memorabilia (gadgets)

Web Doctor

Tulane University Environmental Astrobiology Center

The Space Access Society

The Apollo Society

SPACEWARN Bulletin (satellites and space probes)

Quest (NASA interactive project)

UCSD Physiology NASA Lab (University of California, San Diego)

Office of Space Flight (NASA OSF)

USAF School Aerospace Medicine (Brooks Air Force Base USA)

Earth and Moon Viewer


The Clinostat

The ClinoPage

Think Mars (site from MIT)

Werkgr. Ruimtevaart (Belgische Ver. v. Sterrekunde)

The Spacenet (Belgie)

HobbySpace site

Crystal Growth site (NASA)

Newsgroups / Forum

European Low Gravity Research Agen Association : ELGRA

Tracking Sites

JPass (MSFC)

Orbit-on-Web (Geocities)

International Space Station (ISS) and Mir tracks (ESA)

J-Track (NASA)


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