Human rated centrifuge

The human rated centrifuge mainly is used for aircrew training, physiological & medical research, equipment testing and evaluation but has also been used for studies investigating the Space Adaptation Syndrome.
With this centrifuge we can provide the full gamma of hypergravity research facilities ranging from single cells / tissues via the MidiCAR centrifuge, small animals (rodents) via the Large radius animal centrifuge up to this Human Rated Centrifuge.

Top view in centrifuge pit.

An opened gondola with chair and screen.

Human Rated Centrifuge Detailed Description

  • Centrifuge diameter is 8 meters
  • One armed centrifuge accommodating one swing-out gondola
  • Maximum continuous level of 23.5 Gz can be attained with an average onset rate of 3.5 Gz per second starting at a base of 1.04 Gz.
    Maximum payload mass of 175 kg in gondola.
  • The functional dimensions of the gondola are 0.5m wide and 2m long
  • Mass of each gondola is around 250 kg.
  • The facility has 48 gold and 24 silver sliprings for data communication
  • interior of the gondola:
    - mockup ACES II ejection seat
    - computer-generated "outside world"
    - closed loop control by the trainee using an F-16 type side stick with trim and trigger
    - Alar High Flow Anti-G valve and source pressure
    - voice communications via "hot mike" system
  • system is driven by a 170 kW direct drive DC electric motor and gear box assembly
  • 3 modes of control:
    - closed loop from the gondola
    - computer control
    - manual operator control
  • medical / physiologic signals are stored in computer or directly printed on a strip chart

During operations with human subjects the system is controlled by at least 3 staff members:

All facilities mentioned are open to perform your individual, dedicated, experiments or for collaborative studies. When you are interested to perform a series of (pilot) studies using the human rated centrifuge you are invited to contact us and discuss various possibilities. You may also directly send an experiment proposal either to DESC or respond to one of the international 'Announcements of Opportunities' (AO) as are in general annually issued by the European Space Agency (ESA) or other space agencies. You may also apply via an unsolicited proposal to ESA via the 'fast track' Continuously Open Research Announcements. You may contact us when you need any support for this. Dutch scientists may also apply nationally via a SRON proposal. An additional copy of the proposal has to be provided to DESC for technical and operational evaluations.

The human rated centrifuge is located and operated at the Netherlands Aeromedical Institute in Soesterberg, the Netherlands. Please visit their site to obtain additional information on the facility. For questions or remarks you may contact DESC (see 'Contact Us').

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