Program NL-Symposium Symposium, Friday 10th December 1999.

Location: Free University Amsterdam, ‘Transitorium’ building room KB-74, van der Boechorststraat 1, Amsterdam.

Start: 09:15 hrs.

Time Speaker Subject / Title
09:15 Dr. J. van Loon (DESC, NL) Welcome
9:20 Introduction Prof.dr. E.H. Burger (ACTA-VU, Amsterdam, NL) Microgravity research in Europe, past performance and new challenges. (abstract)
Gravity on a Molecular Level
Chair: Dr. H. van Mil (TU-Delft, NL)  
09:35 Dr. J. Tabony (C.E.A. Grenoble, F) Microtubule self-organisation depends upon gravity. (abstract)
10:00 Prof.dr. G. Köhler (ASM, Univ. Vienna, AU) Effects of gravity on molecular self-assembly. (abstract)
Ground Research Projects
Chair: Prof.dr. H. van den Ende (Univ. of Amsterdam, NL)  
10:20 J. Oldenhof (Univ. of Amsterdam, NL) Effect of red and blue light on the timing of cell division in the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (abstract)
10:35 Dr. J.P. Veldhuijzen (Free University Amsterdam, NL) Simulated microgravity on the Random Positioning Machine and the responses of isolated fetal mouse long bones. (abstract)
10:50 J. Maroothynaden (Imp. College, London, UK) Bioactive glass stimulation of embryonic bone mineralisation in simulated micro-gravity conditions. (abstract)
11:05 Vermaelen K.Y. (Univ. Gent, B) Effect of simulated microgravity on dendritic cell migration and maturation. (abstract)
11:20 Coffee  
Animal Hypergravity Research
Chair: Dr. J. van Loon (DESC, NL) Short introduction.
11:45 Dr. R. Wubbels (AMC-Univ. of Amsterdam, NL) The vestibulo-oculomotor reflex of hypergravity rats. (abstract)
12:00 Dr. N. Bravenboer (Hospital Free University Amsterdam, NL) The consequences of long term exposure to hypergravity for bone mass in rats. (abstract)
12:15 Dr. F. v. Nieuwenhoven (U. Maastricht, NL) Chronic hypergravity increases the content of heat shock protein HSP70 in skeletal muscle of rats. (abstract)
12:30 Dr. R. Bank (TNO Leiden, NL) Post-translational chemistry of collagen type I in tail tendon and compact bone of hypergravity and normal rats. (abstract)
12:45 E. Tanck (Univ. Nijmegen, NL) Trabecular bone architecture in the rat, normally and after long-term exposure to 2.5 hypergravity. (abstract)
13:00 M. de Jong (EUR) Preliminary findings on rat hearts submitted to prolonged hypergravity. (abstract)
13:15 Dr. D. Schmitt (ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL) ESA activities in animal research.
13:30 Lunch  
New Projects
Chair: Dr. M. Heppener (ESA/ESTEC)  
14:30 Dr. J. Klein Nulend (ACTA-Free University Amsterdam, NL) Microgravity and bone cell mechanosensitivity. (abstract)
14:50 Dr. P. Ehrenfreund (Univ. Leiden, NL) Evolution of organic matter in space – International Space Station ISS (abstract)
15:10 Dr. G. Verbist (Shell, Amsterdam, NL) Hydrodynamics of wet foams. (abstract)
15:30 Dr. W. Vassen (Free University Amsterdam, NL) A Helium fountain clock. (abstract)
15:50 Tea  
Flight / Ground Data
Chair: Ir. D. de Hoop (NIVR, Delft, NL)  
16:10 Dr. E. Groen (TNO, Soesterberg, NL) Ground-based simulation of space motion sickness. (abstract)
16:25 Dr. Lambert Charles A. (Univ. Liege, B) Modulation of mechanotransduction by gravitational forces: microgravity induced expression of Interleukin-6 mRNA in human dermal fibroblasts. (abstract)
Programmatic Issues
Chair: Ir. D. de Hoop (NIVR, NL)  
16:40 Dr. M. Heppener (ESA/ESTEC, NL) Space Station utilization, life and physical sciences.
17:00 Dr. R. van Akker (Dutch Ministry of Education & Science) Dutch participation in the ESA microgravity program.
17:20 Drinks  

Program the first meeting 28th January 1999.

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