Academic Thesis

These pages provide a list of academic thesis in the field of gravitational life sciences (biology / physiology), astrobiology, physical sciences or closely related disciplines that have emerged from Dutch universities or other research institutes.

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thesis Moes
Maarten Moes '13

thesis Flikweert
Arjan Flikweert '08

Suzanne Nooij '08

Maurits Heijna '08

Thesis Poodt
Paul Poodt '08

Walter Loesberg '08

thesis Tanya Nimalasuriya
Tanya Nimalasuriya '07

Edwin Mulber '07

Bone Cell Mechanosensitivity and Microgravity
Rommel Bacabac '06

Postural Changes in Human : Effects of gravity on the circulation
Janneke Gisolf '05

Dynamics of Liquid-Filled Spacecraft
Jeroen Gerrits '01

Navigation organs of the oriental hornet.
Eyal Rosenzweig '00

<font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>Heat Transfer in a Critical
Robert de Bruijn '99
Challenging gravity: the mechanics of lifting.
Idsard Kingma '98
<font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>Marangoni convection,
Tjaart Molenkamp '98
About horizontal self-motion perception...
Barbara Mesland '98
Microgravity coagulation and particle gel formation.
Rudy Folkersma '97
Orientation to Gravity. Oculomotor and perceptual responses in  man.
Eric Groen '97
The effects of hypergravity on function and structure of the peripheral vestibular system.
Erik Sondag '96
Effects of spaceflight and hypergravity on mineral metabolism in organ cultures of fetal mouse long bones.
Jack van Loon '95
Epidermal growth factor-induced signal transduction in microgravity.
Philip Rijken '92
Transcription factor Jun/AP-1 : Key regulator in signal transduction and differentiation.
Rolf de Groot '91
Problemen der Ruimtevaartgeneeskunde
Martin Lansberg '58

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