Site Introduction

This web site provides general information regarding scientific research in the field of gravitational biology / physiology / fluid physics or closely related disciplines. It explains what gravity is and how it may affect materials, fluids or biological systems ranging from single cells, plants up to humans.
The site provides a list of so called 'ground research facilities' that are available to perform gravitational research on Earth and why you want to use these facilities. The facilities can be used for simulated microgravity as well as hypergravity environments for in vitro experiments as well as for animal and human research.
Research using some of these facilities is directly coordinated via DESC, the Dutch Experiment Support Center. An overview is provided what DESC can do to facilitate this research and how DESC is integrated in the Dutch Utilisation Center (DUC) as part of larger European setup for User Support Centers.
Biopack is a new multi-user facility currently under development at the European Space Agency (ESA). An overview of this facility and experiment possibilities is provided.
In the 'education' pages several examples are given in how gravity related projects may be introduced within lower, high school or university level education as well as the possibilities to perform internships.
An extensive list of publications in the field of gravitational biology / physiology, material / fluid sciences and astrobiology by or in collaboration with Dutch investigators is is under continuous development.
About once every other year DESC organizes a symposium where (mostly) Dutch gravity and astrobiology related studies are presented and discussed. More information on this may be found under the NL-Symposium index bullet.

Current information of the activities of the Dutch DELTA Soyuz Mission with cosmonaut / astronaut André Kuipers who flies to ISS can found at the NL-Taxi Flight (DELTA) pages.
A broad range of links are implemented to guide you through interesting sites on gravitational and space research. The links also contain information in how to apply for spaceflight and ground based research.
Finally, a Search facility is available to look for specific keywords within the DESC site.
If you have any questions or remarks concerning the contends of this site please Contact Us.

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